God Is Speaking

God is speaking to you – can you hear Him?? 

My sheep Hear my voice… (John 10:27) AMP

God is forever speaking to you, I pray that you agree with this Truth. Here are only a few methods of Him communicating with you and me, therefore, do not limit Him to only these few. I beseech you to open up, and submit yourself entirely to Him. He has a deep desire to reveal Himself to you. In the secret place, God will train you to know Him by His Spirit.

Holy Spirit is speaking to each of us through the following avenues: 

  • The Bible (Word of God)
  • Visitations
  • Transportation (traveling from one place to another)
  • Visions (Internal or Open)
  • Dreams
  • Trances
  • Audible Voice
  • Angels (messengers of God) [angelic spiritual beings, not humans]
  • Still small voice (in the spirit of man) – this improves as Holy Spirit train you to walk in the peace of God in your mind and emotions.)
  • Through your (knowing) in your spirit. Ex: (I don’t know how I know, I just know)
  • Through your conscious
  • Through your intuition
  • Through internal and external images
  • Through nature
  • Numbers (every number individually and collectively has a prophetic meaning/message) to them.
  • Parables and riddles
  • Insight and revelations
  • Through your natural five senses (taste, smell, touch, hearing, sight)
  • Through people
  • Television
  • Sign boards
  • Traffic lights
  • Traffic signs
  • Through circumstances
  • Through the Body of Christ
  • Through unbelievers (God can speak through anyone He so chooses)

God is speaking to all of his creation, and how we respond to what we hear is up to us. We can choose to respond in faith, and obedience or we can choose to respond in doubt, unbelief and dis-obedience. If we choose the latter, we are in danger of dulling our spirits to His Spirit. And that my friend will be a catastrophe to our faith and our relationship with our God.

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