The Bible… How Applications/Apps made me LaZy!

It has been a while that I wrote anything apart from my daily journaling. This article is special to me because I am writing about how a few months ago I was confronted by Holy Spirit concerning not only my study habits, but my study tools. He challenged me to – CHANGE!… When He first approached me about changing, I thought to myself “Change what?” Now, I am going to attempt to articulate the process that I entered in order to gain an understanding of what God was expecting of me.

I Then Heard ThoSe Heartbreaking Words:

“Kisha you are lazy!” What? Did I hear my Lord correctly?  I then heard Him stay – “You enjoy easy, and you live a life of shortcuts” I heard him say, “I am doing a new thing in you – I have called you to be my teacher / researcher; therefore, you must develop a greater level of discipline seeking me in my word.’

The dream that changed my life:

That very night God gave me a dream. I was sitting on my bed surrounded by several open books. I saw, bibles, dictionaries, concordances, commentaries, and other books that I did not recognize.  I then woke up. I noticed that I had a deep hunger to purchase a bible.  WOW! I haven’t had a physical bible in over fifteen years. I thought about the many bible programs that I have installed on my computer, and I then thought about my favorite bible applications that are installed on my beautiful Samsung Note 8 and I wondered why was I being challenged to change. In my opinion, I was good!

II Timothy 2:15(AMP)

Study {and:} be eager {and} do your utmost to present yourself to God approved (tested by trial), a workman who has no cause to be ashamed, correctly analyzing {and} accurately dividing [rightly handling and skillfully teaching] the Word of Truth. It was the year 2002 – 03 when Holy Spirit first introduced me to this verse “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15) KJV.  I remember like it was yesterday. I remember being focused on the words “workman that needeth not be ashamed” and “rightly dividing the word”. At that time, I understood several things: First, there is a correct way to study the bible, second, there is an incorrect way to study the bible, and Lastly, I understood how God will hold me accountable if I was to lead His people into error.  We as believer have access to spiritual dynamite, and it would behoove us to never take it for granted. Therefore, I knew above all else I needed to develop a disciplined lifestyle according the word of God… By learning how to apply what I read.

The Journey begins:

I was looking forward to the process that Holy Spirit was guiding me through. I started my search of a bible at the famous but quickly decided that I needed to see the bible in real life so that I can check to see if the font size is large enough for my 51 years old eyes. (I had a lightbulb moment). Therefore, I decided to find a store. I was so excited to look for a bible that I began to look for Mardel Christian bookstores located in San Antonio Texas.  I totally forgot that the closest Mardel bookstore was approximately 123 miles in (Corpus Christi Texas) from my home, after shaking off my disappointment I found a Christian bookstore that was only 87 miles from me located in San Antonio Texas.

Off to the store I go:

I remember walking into Lifeway Christian store, I was grinning from ear to ear.  I said to the clerk “Ma’am, just point me to the bibles,” As I she led mead to the bible section, I felt as if I was skipping like I was five years old child in a candy store. I remember walking to the first bible that my eyes fell and as I picked it up, I was in awe of His Holiness. I remember opening the bible, smelling, and kissing the pages (don’t judge me) I couldn’t help myself. After much text comparisons, I decided on the English Standard Version (ESV) study bible as the first of many translations that I have invested in thus far.

Breaking my addiction to Easy – Bible Apps & Programs

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I didn’t realize how difficult it was to refrain from hovering my mouse over a book number or a chapter and verse number on my laptop, and how much of a habit I created by clicking buttons scrolling up and scrolling down and while reading my bible on my phone. It took me a few weeks to break the habit of automatically opening a bible program or a bible app. I had to purposefully go to my printed bible even when I was in a hurry to look up a verse or two. You see, this process caused me to slow down on everything. I had to learn how to maneuver the holy scriptures, commentaries, and concordances etc., effectively without getting lost or confused. This process was hard, but I continued in my process.

I do admit that the pages of printed bibles are extremely addictive… the way they feel, the way they smell, and the sound they make when I turn the pages are amazing. This process is far from over! I am not saying that I am no longer using bible programs or bible apps, but what I am saying is that I now have a newfound love for seeking God in the pages of physical bibles. As I wrap this up, I must end by saying how thankful I am that my God loves me enough to challenge me in areas where I feel the most pain to change. I am happy to say that this process has being going on for a few months now, and that I have invested in several more bible translations, and books I have never heard of. I often think about that dream that God gave me all those months ago, and I just smile. This process reminds me that God is true to his word… All things are possible with Him (Matthew 19:26).

Thank you for visiting my blog, I pray that I wrote something that will encourage you in your relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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