Elohim Teach me to Fast… and Pray

Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey.. (Romans 6:16)

When this blog was still in its planning stages, it was important for me that I remain transparently honest with you my reader(s) regardless of how that honesty made me look. So… Here we are! A couple of mornings ago, I was minding my own business, and as I begun the process of waking up (as I stretched and as I yawned) you know how it goes, and then Ruach Ha’Kodesh (Holy Spirit) began to download this article into my spirit. He was talking to me about … wait for it— Fasting and Praying!! This is a topic that I never thought that I would be writing about because my fasting life has not always been the most enjoyable or the most productive. I must admit, I objected strongly against posting this article due to the vulnerable content that it contains, but here we are.  Please understand that this is my experience with fasting, you may or you may not have experienced the same things as me, so feel free to share your experiences with fasting in the comment section below.

 Over the years, I have heard people (seasoned Christians) say that fasting is my “duty” as a Christian. Therefore, I fasted. The “duty “experience was dry and full of rules, and regulations. I remember fasting, and the only thing that I was thinking about was the day that I was due to come off the fast (it sucked – tremendously). I thought about the food that I was going to indulge in after the fast was over.  You may ask, did you pray while you fasted? NO, not really, well maybe I said a little prayer at the beginning of my day but for the most part praying was not a part of my fasting ritual. My fasting was dead!  – no life!  – So. After years of this kind of fasting, I would cringe every time that I heard anything having to do with a fast. I DID NOT want to go through that painful ordeal again, PERIOD! Even though I never verbalize it, I was done with that whole fasting thing. 

As I sit here with an embarrassment induced grin on my face I started thinking about all  the times that I would fast, I would go to sleep (on purpose) with the hope that when I woke up my fast would be over, and I could finally eat whatever food that I wanted (my flesh was out of control). Then… Ruach Ha’Kodesh (Holy Spirit) began to minister to my heart about fasting & praying. I repented, and humbled myself as I prayed.

My prayer:
YHVH Elohim, HELP ME!  Abba (Father) I pray that you breathe your life into my prayer life. Abba (Father), I pray that You Ruach into my fasting. Elohim (God) I pray that you create in my heart a hunger for fasting & praying and allow me to be transformed into the image of Messiah (Christ). Adonai (Master, Owner, Lord), I submit mind, will, and my emotions to You.  

Thank you, amen!

Finally … Ahhh Favour & Understanding  
Even though we as believers should live a lifestyle of fasting and praying. We should never allow others to place a yoke of legalism on us. Therefore, I no longer fast because it is my “Christian duty”. I now fast & pray because I understand that it is my responsibility to die daily, and it is an honor to die with my Messiah. Therefore. I made the decision that my flesh WILL NOT dictate to me about anything. My flesh will die!  For me, Fasting & Praying are spiritual weapons that I use to lead my flesh straight to the Cross of Yehoshua, Messiah (Jesus Christ) where I willingly die. I fast from many things not just food. I fast from whatever that is consuming my emotions, thoughts, or actions. I fast from my cell phone, PS4, television, computer, social media, and whatever else that may have control over me. You see, I don’t want to be a slave to anything or anyone. I am Adonai’s (Master, Owner, Lord) bondservant (voluntary slave) (Ephesians 6:6) and His alone. I must be free from the bondage of my flesh, so that I can fully be led by Ruach Ha’Kodesh (Holy Spirit) into true freedom that exist only in Messiah (Christ).

Thank you for visiting my blog,

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