Q & A Of The Secret Place

The Holy of Holies

Over the years, I have been approached by several people who truly love Elohim (God). Their questions have always been the same – “How do I get closer to (Elohim)God”, and the simple answer to this question is this… enter into the Secret Place!

Psalm 91:1
He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty [Whose power no foe can withstand].

If you are reading The Q & A of the Secret Place, Elohim (God) is calling you deeper into Himself and He desires for you to become transparently intimate with Him! First I would like to congratulate you on the relationship that you have cultivated thus far with Elohim (God) your Father the Creator of heaven and earth, Yehoshua, Messiah (Jesus Christ), and Ruach Ha’ Kodesh (Holy Spirit) your Teacher and Comforter. The secret place is the place where we meet with Elohim (God). Even though it is a physical place it is important for us to understand also, that the secret place is primarily within our spirit. Elohim (God) is training us to carry His presence and Glory with us everywhere we go [abiding]. This is learned in the secret place of Elohim (God).

Okay now, let’s get to it. On July 21, 2014 at approximately 4:23 pm I was, guess where? Yep, you guessed correctly. I was in the secret place of Elohim (God).

Ruach Ha’Kodesh (Holy Spirit) has begun to speak to me about questions that He would like His people to have the answers to in order to assist them on their journey to the Secret Place. There are only four questions that I am going to focus on. These questions may be simple in nature, but they are essential if we desire to develop a long lasting commitment to meeting with Elohim [God] in the Secret Place. Each of these question have been asked by each of us at some time or another in our walk with Messiah (Christ), and if not addressed, our prayer life can take some unnecessary detours, and exhibit inconsistencies that will leave us unfulfilled.

The Questions and Answers are as followed:

1. What time of the day do I meet with Elohim (God)?
This really depends on your schedule and your level of discipline, each believer’s meeting time may differ some. My primarily meeting time with Elohim (God) is as soon as I wake up, but there are times when He will call a meeting (special meeting) when I am at work, during those times depending on the situation I will withdraw to the restroom to meet with Him since our ultimate meeting place is in my spirit. The meeting place can be anywhere, so I carry a pen and small notebook with me wherever I go. If He calls a meeting while I am in my automobile I utilize the audio recorder on my phone. I make sure that I make myself available to Him every moment of the day and because I now understand that He is Eternal, and he is not governed by time. I accept the fact that He may call a meeting at any time of the day or night, and it is my responsibility to show up to our meetings.

Please be led by Ruach Ha’ Kodesh (Holy Spirit)!

2. How long do I spend in the secret place?
It really depends on Him; He is the one who calls the meetings, so He is the one who dismisses or closes the meetings.

Please be led by Ruach Ha’ Kodesh (Holy Spirit)!

3. How do I know when the meeting has ended, if there is no set time?
Well, once again, being that I didn’t call the meeting I wait until Elohim (God) is finished. When the meeting concludes, Ruach Ha’ Kodesh (Holy Spirit) gives me a dismissal check in my spirit. And if I attempt to leave the secret place before He dismisses me, He’d let me know that as well, in my spirit. (It feels like a restraint.) There are times when I am not sure and  at those times I will ask Him. He always let me know.

Please be led by Ruach Ha’ Kodesh (Holy Spirit)!

4. What do I do during our meeting?
Well, since it is not my meeting, I do not come to meetings with my own agenda. Ruach Ha’ Kodesh (Holy Spirit) always brings His agenda to our meetings and we follow that, but I do keep the minutes of our meetings (take notes) it is my responsibility to read the minutes at the beginning of each meeting, and sometimes He’ll have me go back and read the past entries from days or even weeks before.

I had to learn to be disciplined and fall back and (play my position). He is Creator and I am creation, so I always ask Ruach Ha’ Kodesh (Holy Spirit) what it is He wants to discuss, or what is it He wishes to get accomplished during our meetings. Our meetings vary from day to day depending on Him. For example: Elohim (God) may want me to pray for others with me periodically praying in my supernatural language, worship Him in song and dance; read His Word (Bible); read a devotional or an assigned book; and sometimes He only wants me to sit in His presence quietly with neither one of us speaking just enjoying each other’s presence. Elohim (God) may also request for me to take communion with Him. It really depends on Him, He calls the meetings.

Please be led by Ruach Ha’ Kodesh (Holy Spirit)!

I personally believe every believer should invest in communion (wafers & Juice} – that’s just me. It will be a great investment in your Relationship with Yehoshua Messiah the Anointed One!

I pray that the above Q&A helps you in some way, in your quest for greater intimacy with the Lover of your soul. (Song of Solomon 3:2)

In conclusion, you are an individual, Elohim (God) desires to commune with YOU, be aware of attempting to duplicate someone else’s relationship with Elohim (God), please allow Him to do a new thing with you! Your relationship with Him is special and unique.

Note: If your particular questions were not addressed in this Q&A PLEASE post your question down below in the comment section, and I will prayerfully answer them accordingly.

Thank you,

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